Practice Areas


Energy and Natural Resources Law

The preservation, production, sale, transmission, distribution, use and protection of energy sources and natural resources require unprejudiced and timely guidance on policies, rules and related enforcement mechanisms.
We advise stakeholders based on current guarantees and incentives, within a framework which can ensure that the environment is protected and access to energy and natural resources is assured for all stakeholders. We handle negotiations, complete statutory filings, draft agreements and advise on statutory regulations.



Immigration Law

Obtain more clarity and secure your interests in relation to business/ corporate immigration issues, migration, citizenship and related issues. In relation to the admission, residence, employment and removal of non-citizens, we assist in the acquisition of

- Work and residence permits and renewals
- Permanent residency
- Document legalization and attestation
- Passport procurement and birth certificate
- Quotas (Automatic and replacement)
- Driver’s License
- Other related matters



Procurement Law & Construction Law

We help to manage risk and cost effectiveness in processes leading up to the acquisition of materials, goods and services and construction. We interpret and advise on relevant rules and draft and review appropriate documentation to ensure value for money. Owners, designers, suppliers, contractors, need guidance from planning to completion of each project. We draft and review construction contracts as well as Government of Ghana contracts. We also assist you in complying with and fulfilling all the necessary regulatory guidelines, contract conditions and claiming all due.



Banking & Finance

Local law requirements continuously pose challenges that can significantly affect your local and foreign financial transactions and it is important that your lawyers can steer you through this complex environment.

You need advice, whether you are borrowing or lending or for any financial transaction you may be involved in, to protect your company and consumer relationships.



Taxation Law

Get high quality advice on tax obligations and avoid disputes. Know the tax implications of your transactions and investment strategies and reduce your burdens in a legally compliant manner.



Real Estate

The commercial real estate market is becoming more competitive due to emerging markets. We guide you to acquire, dispose and deal in property in a suitable and simplified manner.

We negotiate and facilitate transfer of interest. We provide advice on financing conditions for acquisitions, mortgages, leases and trusts and all property development projects. The firm also efficiently drafts and processes land instruments.


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