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Bruce-Lyle, Bannerman & Associates Attorneys and Notaries Public
Established 1966

Uniquely positioned as a pioneering commercial and corporate legal practice, the Bruce-Lyle, Bannerman & Associates draws its clientele from both local and multinational corporations and individuals and has a varied and prestigious client base. Bruce-Lyle, Bannerman & Associates is guided in its service delivery by a desire to achieve the following:

SHARE We share knowledge willingly and speedily within and with all partners to achieve success.
COMMITMENT Each engagement is seen as important to our business partners and we strive to use all resources in a selfless, speedy and economical manner.
RESPECT The opinion of each team member is valued and aims and desires of our business partners are honoured in all our dealings.
ADVOCACY We stand for the cause of our partners and continuously seek and promote their interests.

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Since 1966, our firm philosophy and reputation has been to provide an exceptional legal service that is reasonably priced. We are renowned for our commitment to excellence and for our ability to find innovative solutions to most complex of legal issues. Through the years, we have dedicated ourselves to achieving success for our clients efficiently and rapidly. Corresponding Attorneys- Baker and McKenzie (U.S.A)

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